patent prosecution

Patent prosecution

TAKASHI UMEZAWA, a patent attorney of JPAA, the founder of this firm is responsible for the IP protection in Japan. His technical background is:
electrical engineering, physics, and software engineering.
His total years of IP experience is: about 20 years.
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His working experience includes not only prosecution of patents, but prosecution of tradamarks and in-house IP counsels.

Schedule of fees

Filing of a patent application in Japan (JP yen) , $1=125yen (2015.8)

Attorney fees:
 120,000 (basic)
  +30 yen/word (translation, from English to JP)
  +3,000 yen/figures (drawing, if translation is necessary)
  +20,000 (request for exam)

Official fees:
 15,000(filing)+106,000- (request for exam)

Regarding other general issues, we charge 20,000 yen/hour

Total Model fee:
350,000 yen (filing)+150,000 yen (request for exam)